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Les quatre operations qu'il faut apprendre sont << Ambition, Distraction, Uglification and Derision >> (230).
Well there's been some ungentlemanly uglification of the front end and an XJ's boot is never deep enough.
The only consolation I could offer was that there aren't too many more people in the village who can pull this stunt, since the men in unmarked white vans have now conducted their campaign of vandalism and uglification pretty comprehensively.
The audience is seduced into identifying with the beautiful heroes, and, in the same move, to accept the uglification of the villains; 'the Beautiful defends its turf or self against the incursions of the Ugly'.
In exchange for allowing the further uglification of L.
The result would be the uglification of Oregon, at substantial cost to Oregonians.
In the centre of my home town of Milton Keynes, we have swingeing car parking controls with associated high levels of traffic hunting for a space and severe uglification of the street scene.