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Slavery, supported in part by classical texts, was to be reenacted here in America, and it slid heavily and uglily into the nineteenth century.
The picture is swill, but it isn't a cheat, like Airport 1975, which was cut-rate swill." Of Magnum Force she writes (also in Reeling), "Clint Eastwood isn't offensive; he isn't an actor, so one could hardly call him a bad actor....And acting isn't required of him in Magnum Force, which takes its name from the giant's phallus--the long-barreled Magnum 44--that Eastwood flourishes." When one of the odd assortment of directors she favored produced a derivative, uglily entertaining knickknack such as Dressed To Kill, Kael's boosterism knew no bounds: "The whole film gives you the feeling of evenly controlled energy," she wrote in the New Yorker (reprinted in Taking It All In).
Instead, they just offer uglily written cultural `theory'.