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There she sat and wept, because she was so ugly that the cockchafer would have nothing to do with her; and yet she was the most beautiful creature imaginable, so soft and delicate, like the loveliest rose-leaf.
She told him how unwilling she was to marry the ugly mole, as then she had to live underground where the sun never shone, and she could not help bursting into tears.
You can sit on my back, and we will fly far away from the ugly mole and his dark house, over the mountains, to the warm countries where the sun shines more brightly than here, where it is always summer, and there are always beautiful flowers.
said the spirit of the flower to her; 'that is an ugly name, and you are much too pretty for that.
I can give you his description in three words--an insensate, ugly, stupid blockhead.
Could I care for a lank, poor, ugly theologue -- named Jonas?
Just imagine how you would feel if somebody told you to your face that you were skinny and ugly," pleaded Anne tearfully.
You had better," he said, looking at her with an ugly gleam in his eyes, "persuade him to take you for a little tour on the Continent.
The hit 2000 film was based on the original Coyote Ugly bar located in New York City.
Preceding modesty examples, an explanation of "The Ugly American" origin fits.
With its rollicking rhyme, The Ugly Five is a joy to read aloud, and readers will be enchanted by its humorous illustrations.
Chapter four turns to other contemporary authors such as Flannery O'Connor, Zora Neale Hurston, and Lee Smith in order to further Miller's point that ugly characters often take different paths than marriage and motherhood, either by fate or choice.