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He equally appointed ambassadors without adhering to the Federal Character Principles as stipulated in the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria (Ukase, 2013; Agena, 2013; Ojakaminor, 2007).
undertaken until June 1936 in a government ukase detailing the
(Following the Pope's recent ukase demanding that all Catholics oppose gay marriage and gay civil unions, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops on September 10 endorsed the Federal Marriage Amendment.
An emerging justification for such a role may be based simply on its inevitability, perhaps coupled with maxims of restraint and a ukase to decide issues narrowly, and only if deciding them is unavoidable, thus seeking to minimise the interpretative task and protect courts against the accusation that they have seized a role that more properly belongs with the legislature or with the electors gathered in a constitutional plebiscite.
They tell him, however, that his edict, his ukase, his decree, his firman, his venomous blow at the sacred liberty of white men to own black men is mere brutem fulmen, and a dead letter and a poison which will not work.
Ashcroft's ukase will surely chill the flow of information.
So much for the method of fiat or ukase. It is now our obligation to "prove" the form bhavati--that is to say, establish it as conforming to the system of word and sentence formation that will define it once and for all as Sanskrit, and therefore as lying within the boundaries of the licit and dharmic.
According to presidential ukase, the crimes of September 11, 2001, could not be conceived of as a reaction to any legitimately questionable aspects of U.S.
By the Ukase of September 14, 1883 barring Yiddish theater in Russia, Goldfadn's troupe and theatrical undertakings were dashed.
Its latest ukase requires hospitals to focus on relieving patients' pain by having them assess this subjective, but real, condition on a scale of one to 10.
Grove's ukase on pre-1450 music, however, was by no means rigorously enforced even in his own edition--there are some short entries on early liturgical topics, for example--and it was soon to be lifted entirely.
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