ultimate cause

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The ultimate cause will be chosen based on audience votes.
In sum, I think Hoffman's arguments are more convincing than the alternatives, despite several shortcomings (that will be mentioned below) in what he identifies as the ultimate causes of Western Europe's prowess.
A philosophical understanding of creation also allows Thomas to draw comparisons with ancient Greek thought; indeed, to argue that on Aristotelian principles one can conclude that the world is created (remembering that he means the world has an ultimate cause of its existence).
1) Similarly, some physicians believe that patch testing can be useful in these patients because of the potential for exacerbation caused by environmental allergens, but there is still no agreement on the ultimate cause.
Qur'an, 57:3) The Creator does not create only in the sense of bringing things into being, in other words, He is not only a Starter, He also preserves everything, takes them out of the existence, and is the ultimate cause of whatever happens to them.
8%); we were unable to determine ultimate cause of death for 10 (47.
Only then we will know the ultimate cause of the tragedy of MH370.
This scholastic notion implies the belief in one God who created the universe and who is the ultimate cause, including no contingency.
The May 6 letter stated: "The ultimate cause of the failure of the stand is still to be determined and our advice is not to issue copies of any report outside of the project team.
Another major challenge in treating glioblastoma is its intrusive penetration into adjoining tissues, which prevents the complete surgical removal of the tumors from the brain, even with follow-up radiation and chemotherapy: "It is this invasive, infiltrative disease component that is the ultimate cause of recurrence, resistance and death," the study says.
Congress, the ultimate cause of all this, has work to undo.
The ultimate cause of the problem is not ObamaCare but decades of unconstitutional federal intervention in the healthcare system.

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