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The outfit's proposed revisions include "a clear commitment to a free trade agreement as the ultimate end destination for the UK and the EU".
Another way of putting this is to say that the language of vision is more suitable than any other metaphor at acknowledging the centrality of God in our ultimate end.
"Commemorations for VJ Day are an opportunity for the nation to acknowledge the endurance and determination they showed in continuing the fight in the most challenging of environments to bring the Second World War to an ultimate end three months after VE Day.
He said: 'Imran Khan will not stop the process of accountability until the plunderers of national wealth reach their ultimate end.'
Raila Odinga, in a handshake of 9th March 2018 so that they could unite all the communities in this country once and for all and fight corruption to its ultimate end," Bishop Imathiu said.
Be it through leveraging Big Data to improve healthcare service delivery, or advanced analytics to determine efficient resource distribution, the potential benefits are endless, with the ultimate end being a data-driven government.
We shall fail to reach our ultimate end. We shall fail to achieve the objective purpose of our life.
He said, "I hope achieve what the ultimate end state is: creating a brighter future for North Korea and reducing the threat to the United States from the nuclear weapons that are today in North Korea." (end) si.gta
Someone bought their premises and held the city council to ransom for a good ten years by not vacating it and by taking it to its ultimate end."
He said that the incumbent government has undertook the historic operation against encroachments and no one was given any kind of favor in this regard and now ultimate end of this operation would also be ensured in the shape of utilizing these lands in great public interest for which he has given the detail directions.
Among his topics are the order of actions to the ultimate end, the first moral act, sins from an evil will, the first cause of moral evil, and compatibilism or libertarianism.
I've had friends lecture me about the industry, the rigorous journey to stardom, why being an "idol" is the ultimate end goal.

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