ultimate motive

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In the same manner is pathological hedonism, the view that the ultimate motive for all voluntary human action is the desire to experience pleasure or to avoid pain.
It is just that the team shuffles, the ultimate motive always is to win the championship.
In his motion, he said if Duterte was able to order the death of his former friend, journalist Jun Pala, 'it is with more reason that he would have the ultimate motive to kill Matobato who also knew the same criminal activities and testified frontally about said activities.
The ultimate motive is to revive the positive energies of the participants while working deep inside their soul through transformational Yoga and other rejuvenating activities.
Abichaker stressed that the ultimate motive behind the project was to showcase "local talents providing local solutions.
It was evident that the ultimate motive of the festival was not to treat it as a cash cow but to revive love for the theatre.
Our ultimate motive is to make Pakistan a safe country.
We need to be wary of the council's "third party operator", too, as we have no idea what the ultimate motive is.
To start, you'd have to ask what the ultimate motive is.
And though they certainly were convinced that the liberation of mankind from all previously dominant spiritual and political tyranny would provide ordinary men with unprecedented peace, security, and prosperity, their ultimate motive in undertaking these efforts seems to have been enunciated most clearly by Spinoza in his Theologico-Political Treatise.
Lakshman Yapa Abeywardene charged that the Opposition United National Party is making every effort to discourage foreign investments in Sri Lanka, with the ultimate motive of retarding the economic progress of the country.
At the same time, useful advice for safety and correct driving will be offered, to Cyprus residents as well, with the ultimate motive of protecting tourists.

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