ultimate point

See: extremity
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Should any of them succeed in falling in with friendly Indians, within a reasonable distance, and obtaining a supply of provisions and horses, they were to return to the aid of the main body: otherwise they were to shift for themselves, and shape their course according to circumstances; keeping the mouth of the Columbia River as the ultimate point of their wayfaring.
They were aware that a certain number of troops for guards and garrisons were indispensable; that no precise bounds could be set to the national exigencies; that a power equal to every possible contingency must exist somewhere in the government: and that when they referred the exercise of that power to the judgment of the legislature, they had arrived at the ultimate point of precaution which was reconcilable with the safety of the community.
Perhaps that's the ultimate point of flashpacking - holidaying by yourself doesn't have to mean holidaying NEED TO KNOW | THE FLASH PACK specialises in adventure group holidays for solo travellers in their 30s and 40s.
He is the beginning and the end of all that is good about leadership here; the ultimate point of embarkation and the terminus
GE also unveiled its Energy Ecosystem - an interconnected system of digital and industrial technologies that support the entire energy value chain, from production and distribution to the ultimate point of electricity usage at the conference.
In Winterfell, the drama between Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Arya (Maisie Williams) will likely come to the ultimate point.
It was the ultimate point of departure for expeditions of the epic eras of Antarctic exploration, serving Cook and Scott, leading to South Africa (SA) becoming an original signatory member of the Antarctic Treaty.
The discussion in the appendix, despite being structurally severed from the remainder of the text, is the ultimate point to which Kilcullehs theorising leads.
The most dramatic moment for me in the book (and the ultimate point of this article) was the author's discovery that Nobel Prize winners are "dramatically more likely to be involved in the arts than less accomplished scientists.
The ultimate point is that if education is to reduce unemployment and increase incomes, training must lead to jobs.
episodes in which Ken Jennings competed with the computer Watson, Birkerts provides the most compelling reason to unplug: to "get on with other business, the more existential business, pursuing fantastic artistic explorations, and having those soulful dialogues that, when they happen, feel like the ultimate point of living.

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