ultimate result

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But such sea-going has not the artistic quality of a single-handed struggle with something much greater than yourself; it is not the laborious absorbing practice of an art whose ultimate result remains on the knees of the gods.
But I decided that if I made any interesting and important discoveries--as no doubt I should--I would keep them to myself, and surprise Poirot with the ultimate result.
I had traced the secret to its ultimate result, - and that result was the nail.
Les ordonnances = four decrees establishing absolute rule, issued by King Charles X on July 25, 1830, which touched off the July Revolution, leading to his abdication on July 31, and the installation of the Duke of Orleans as Louis Philippe I, King of the French--Cooper was living in Paris during this period, though he returned there from Italy and Germany a few days after the July Revolution itself, and he was a close friend of the Marquis de Lafayette who played a major part in the Revolution and its aftermath; for Cooper and many others, the ultimate results of the Revolution were a serious disappointment, since the new King seemed rapidly to become almost as conservative as the old}
In New Zealand earlier, the battle had, of course, been closer, the touring Lions having seldom been allowed to play with such continuous flair, but the ultimate result, the test victories and unbeaten provincial record represented for Carwyn a high point which - his club successes apart meant that in rugby football terms his life ever after was an anticlimax.
The ultimate result is a big increase in depression and stress, and modern parents are advised to change their strategies lest this be passed on to future generations.
In the process of exploring how individuals can achieve peace within, the ultimate result is peace in social settings.
The court also directed Glenmark to undertake to pay such damages, if any, which may be decided by the court if the ultimate result of the suit is a decree in favour of MSD.
The ultimate result of these files will be washing one's dirty linen in public.
The draft of a new agreement on Kumtor project should become the ultimate result of efforts of all working groups, which will significantly strengthen positions of Kyrgyzstan in further implementation of Kumtor project, Prime Minister Jantoro Satybaldiev said.
THE ultimate result of too much pressure in any situation is a collapse or a break.
The ultimate result will be a more robust and personalized user experience for customers and prospects alike.