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Origin of ultradian pulsatility in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.
ULTRADIAN will deliver an ambulatory diagnostic system with unprecedented sensitivity and specificity for simplified diagnostics and monitoring of endocrine conditions, economisation of health care, and new products and markets for the European diagnostic sector.
We typically work in contradiction to how our bodies are designed to work, known scientifically as the ultradian rhythm: intense focus and exertion for a specific period of time and then recovery.
relating to solar day (24 [+ or -] 4 hrs), ultradian (cycles with less than 24 hrs), or infradian (cycles with more than 28 hrs) (11).
In the neonatal period the sleep-wake cycle has polyphasic characteristics that alternate regardless of the time of day; this is called ultradian rhythm.
Ultradian rhythms have short durations (seconds, minutes or hours), while circadian rhythms have a length of approximately 24 hours and are regulated by daylight (1,2).
As a result, ultradian, circadian, and other body rhythms are important under physiological and pathophysiological conditions.
First we begin with an overview of the unconscious functions at work, day and night, in our physical, emotional, and mental life: resting-state networks, especially the default mode network; vagal nervous system and heart-rate variability; ultradian and circadian rhythms; reward and stress networks; and the mirror neuron network.
Individual differences in transliminality might be predictive of sensitivity to the effects of minor and major hallucinogens, so_ch as cannabis, mescaline, psilocybin, and LSD, and may be related to levels as well as circadian and ultradian rhythmicity of endogenous hallucinogens such as DMT.
My current perspective of the four-stage creative process as it is experienced during our natural psychobiological circadian (~24 hours) and ultradian rhythms (~1.
Diurnal and ultradian rhythms of behaviour in a mare group of Prezwalski horse (Equus ferus pizewalskii), measured through one year under semi-reserve conditions.