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An ultramodern design scheme is quite a commitment and not something that can be achieved through adding a few key accesso-ries.
In line with all branches of the group, the latest outlet in Al Bustan Centre offers an ultramodern shopping ambiance in a spacious area that offers shoppers high-quality products at very competitive prices.
There is a lack of evidence comparing conventional prosthesis and the ultramodern prosthesis in unilateral transtibial amputee using flamingo balance test and 10 meters walk test as a measure.
The International Gem Tower is the first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, offering a rare opportunity for jewelry-related companies to own and prosper in an ultramodern building with extraordinary technologies and amenities," said Raizy Haas, senior vice president of Extell.
Atlantic Tower is an ultramodern fourteen-storey office complex at Airport City, the foremost commercial, corporate and retail hub of Accra, at walking distance from Kotoka International Airport.
It will not simply be the first World Championship organised in the Middle-East and there will not just be this new ultramodern circuit since, as a world's first, there will also be finals held at night in the light provided by powerful spotlights.
or will we go down a new, ultramodern technology route, looking to the horizon, and create a machine able to penetrate air defenses and carry out a strike on any aggressor," he said.
The cabin will be trimmed with the highest quality wood and leather and have an ultramodern LCD centre console.
An Ultramodern Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex (TVCC) was inaugurated by Chief Minister Shri.
The new laboratory is accommodated in Dubai's ultramodern Biotechnology & Research Park called Dubiotech.
Using new materials and technology from the Netherlands, the floors are seamless, waterproof and easy to clean, perfect for an ultramodern or industrial look.
A painter who rarely painted and an architecture-school drop-out, respectively, Charles and Ray Eames made ultramodern design seem fun, mostly via the famous, still-manufactured "Eames chair.