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Oduro Boadu revealed that some persons had threatened to stop work on the construction of 24 ultramodern toilet facilities through a Public Private Partnership, and he called on the security agencies, as matter of urgency, to ensure law and order.
AECOM defeated five other design firms after presenting plans and drawings for a sleek ultramodern complex with four interconnected buildings shaped like the rays of a sun with the session hall at the center.
It is disheartening to see the ultramodern market, which is sited at the former Scouts Camp in Ibadan, in near empty state.
That's the new baseline for every international carrier, and with our software-defined network, we have our fingers on the pulse of our customers' needs." Marcus Hacke, founder and Managing Director at ngena, says: "Our global platform combines the advantages of ultramodern SD-WAN architecture with our alliance partners' local services.
Talking to reporter, Mehmood Riaz ud Din said that the organization had launched a gigantic programme to replace the old transmitters with ultramodern digital transmitters and one 400 kilowatt transmitter has already been inaugurated in Peshawar last month.
He noted that DIFC-based banking and investment companies enjoy attractive and competitive privileges including secure and stable living, ultramodern infrastructure, and friendly investment environment that help them to grow and expand in the region.
Anton says this building is "ultramodern and contemporary with a moat running round it, so the three glass walls appear to be floating on the water."
The pub will refurbished and rebranded with a new logo and a new website, and will promote fresh, local produce in an ultramodern environment.
It is ideal for all types of interiors, from the chintzy country cottage all the way through to an ultramodern designer pad.
And locals say the ultramodern house is out of keeping with the traditional rural village.
The evening brings the fashionistas to the alter-ego lounge where they sip pricy martinis or shoot pool at the ultramodern bar.
The ultramodern, Richard Neutra-like hotel, which opened in December 2004, makes little distinction between indoor and outdoor space: Inside, the spa is a sparkling respite, but outside you can enjoy a table or waterfall massage or try the temazcal (Mayan steam bath).