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On the one hand, the online ultrareligious community constitutes a study group for people interested in expanding their understanding of Jewish law and tradition and seek to discuss essential matters related to their religious identity.
"It was a bit weird, on the one hand he was claiming to be ultrareligious but he was also hanging about with his gang, smoking cannabis and dossing about.
Even the ultrareligious are unfaithful to their spouses.
While they have always had an element of religious messianism, the most radical of their current heirs come from ultrareligious orthodox circles that are less consumed by politics than religion.
The fact that "Jewish" was added to "democratic"--and even preceded it--was the main reason the National Religious Party (NRP) supported the deal, and the ultrareligious parties did not seek to block it.
Not only the childhood hostility she endured because of her foreignness (her father was considered an "outsider" because of his foreign tribe), but also the new popularity in the village of the ultrareligious fundamentalist party, the Front Islamique du Salut (FIs), which poses a constant threat to her from the first hours of her arrival.
Finally, it has been reported that the Israeli security and intelligence services have upgraded the threat posed by Jewish right-wing, ultrareligious nationalists, particularly as a result of the November 1995 assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the potential for future political assassinations against the country's moderate leaders as the peace process reaches its final stages.
The ability of the haredim, the ultrareligious, to influence government policy toward settlements and define who is a Jew has shaken Israeli politics and disturbed relations with overseas Jewry, most of whom are not Orthodox.
After a husking bee the floor was cleared for a "barn dance," unless the neighborhood was dominated by ultrareligious folk who considered it wicked.
The Lougheed regime was supposed to mark an end to this vision, supposedly a hangover from Alberta's rural past in which undeducated, ultrareligious Protestant bigots attempted to impose their Puritan view of the world and punish those who did not come up to their standards.
Although the Hasidim reach back in history almost 300 years, the ultrareligious, insular temperament of the Satmarers can be traced to the Jewish Enlightenment of the late nineteenth century.
According to a recent survey (Arian & Kaiser-Sugarman, 2009), Israeli Jews who define themselves as ultrareligious (Haredi in Hebrew) keep on average 19.2 of the 20 most important Jewish orders (e.g., fasting on certain holidays such as Tisha'a Be-Av, attending a sermon at the synagogue on Friday evening).