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I thought so, at least, when I saw how they talked and laughed, and glanced across the table, to the neglect and evident umbrage of their respective neighbours - and afterwards, as the gentlemen joined us in the drawing-room, when she, immediately upon his entrance, loudly called upon him to be the arbiter of a dispute between herself and another lady, and he answered the summons with alacrity, and decided the question without a moment's hesitation in her favour - though, to my thinking, she was obviously in the wrong - and then stood chatting familiarly with her and a group of other ladies; while I sat with Milicent Hargrave at the opposite end of the room, looking over the latter's drawings, and aiding her with my critical observations and advice, at her particular desire.
Therefore just and wise men take umbrage at his act, until after some little time be past: then they see it to be in unison with their acts.
As I understand from cook, m'lady, the animal appears to have taken umbrage at a lack of cordiality on the part of the cat.
Burns, to whom I imparted my fears, chose to take great umbrage at them.
So jealous was he of her being respected, that, on this very journey down from the Great Saint Bernard, he took sudden and violent umbrage at the footman's being remiss to hold her stirrup, though standing near when she dismounted; and unspeakably astonished the whole retinue by charging at him on a hard-headed mule, riding him into a corner, and threatening to trample him to death.
The nicest thing you can do for these creatures is retweet them because they have no followers and therefore no audience until a kind celebrity takes umbrage and gives them one.
The left-handed batsman took umbrage at the suggestion that it is the increased depth of bats that is behind more fours and sixes being struck in one-day cricket.
Far from taking umbrage, the Queen of Hollywood agreed that older actresses shouldn't be surprised if they weren't cast as 21–year–olds.
UN chief flags rights abuses during meeting with Sisi in New York United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon lauded Egypt's regional role in recent months, as he discussed with Sisi pressing issues such as Gaza and Libya, but he still took umbrage with Sisi's human rights record.
WILL somebody inform Tony Blair and the media that the overwhelming majority of the British public consider him a persona non grata and take umbrage at his recent attempted interference in relation to Europe and his comments about UKIP.
The Tory leader had intended to ride the subway up to his declaration on a mid-town Toronto foot bridge, however was forced to ditch that plan after transit police took umbrage with the throng of television cameras following him.
UMBRAGE Mr McEvoy, left, is suing Mr Michael over cartoon