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Forgive me, but I'm not prepared to join this walk down Great Umbrage Street just yet.
Whoever leaves as the most aggrieved party could take Umbrage with them, but they'd then be responsible for its care and feeding, until somebody else took Umbrage.
Judge Guy Whitburn said: "For no apparent reason you took umbrage at this ATM machine and set about it with considerable force.
30) taking umbrage at the "errors" on the May 23 cover might have noted, as was clear in the credits, that it is from a 1925 French publication for children, Le Petit Inventeur.
I take umbrage at being insulted for being English so I try to treat others the way I like to be treated, and not insult them in return.
If the Israelis take umbrage and return fire tenfold, who can blame them?
I take great umbrage with reader Brant Boyce's assessment that a degree is only as good as the school that grants it.
Workmen in the farming town of Kerikeri were repairing the main street when the young woman tourist took umbrage at their attention.
The paceman, nicknamed the Rawalpindi Express, was offered a special retainership but took umbrage at being overlooked for a central contract and hit out at the national governing body.
MAY I say, I take umbrage at Chief Superintendent Geraint Anwyl and Alun Lewis (Daily Post, March 6).
Since Keisling presided over the establishment of Oregon's vote-by-mail system (VBM), his umbrage at Rubin's "casually dismissive half-sentence" characterizing VBM as a "terribly insecure system" is understandable, but his defense of VBM is hardly unbiased.