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again its way through umbrageous forests, the surprise of citrus
Interiors," 1998-2000, the most effective series in Aziz + Cucher's latest show, is a group of sepia-toned photographs of mole-speckled, ciliated skin, digitally altered so that it appears to line cavelike rooms, umbrageous staircases, and dark entryways.
Esteem it as a bulwark of thy wealth, And cherish all its branches; tho' we'll grant, Its leaves umbrageous may intercept The morning rays, and envy some small share Of Sol's beneficence to the infant germ.
As for her treatment of the "emergence" of the author and the tricky question of subjectivity (especially female subjectivity), more direct engagement might have brought these issues to greater prominence, since they subtend, for Tylus and for the writers she discusses, the overarching trope of umbrageous vulnerability.
lifted their tall heads, and threw gay gleams of light amidst the umbrageous landscape"); the categories of the beautiful and the elegant that also recur in the portrait of the heroine, and in her description of Lake Celano ("the beauty of its situation and its interior elegance induced Vivaldi and Ellena to select it as their chief residence"); and a dominant position on the surrounding panorama: