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The ordinary person might think that library cataloging could hardly be political, but Sanford Berman's columns in the The Unabashed Librarian (or U*L as it is often known) certainly were.
Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday that Brody, famed in Israel for his past basketball feats and unabashed American-accented Hebrew, was recently offered a senior post in the Likud Party by its chairman, Binyamin Netanyahu.
Life on the Stairs" takes an unabashed look at the spate of knife and gun killings plaguing inner cities using drama, hip hop and dance.
Situated cattycorner to Military Park, just a few blocks from one of the city's busiest intersections at Broad and Market Street, 1180 Raymond Boulevard, with its crumbling facade, shattered windows and long abandoned corridors, was an example of the kind of unabashed dereliction that clogged even the main thoroughfares of this city, located just a few miles from Manhattan but seemingly a world away from its success.
Since the invasion of Iraq by the government of the United States and its "coalition" allies, the number of books and articles on the topic of imperialism have proliferated, and there is general agreement in academic circles that recent events herald the resurgence of an overt and unabashed commitment on the part of the current American government to assert imperial authority over the nations of the world.
Like almost all contemporary liberals, Ignatieff is an unabashed exponent of a woman's so-called right to choose to have her baby killed by abortion.
Martin's Press, 1990), Steele has declared an unabashed allegiance to the conservative ranks, and this latest book further confirms that association.
This film expresses that sexual allure in an unabashed and provocative way, in a way that is gritty and dangerous and quite presumptive.
Her gentle approach, coupled with the unabashed joy that infuses her performances, garnered attention from critics and crowds.
The power of the college system, and its focus on preparing Ontarians for work life achievement was evident with the winner's careers and their unabashed willingness to credit College education in Ontario as a key source of their inspiration.
In spite of the verbal knock-about going on around her, Britain's most famous international female film export just kept batting her giant false eyelashes and reading the autocue, with an unabashed aplomb.