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We need to become confident in the rightness of our ideas, firm in our resolve, creative and determined in our social action, and unabashedly subversive of entrenched power whenever it works against our values (including those values we share with our religious friends).
The present book, Backfire, is unabashedly derived from that earlier study, its stated intent to focus more closely on how the Klan unwittingly helped to defeat itself in the second half of the twentieth century.
release (1961's The Victim) to unabashedly out queer flicks like Better Than Chocolate (whose sexy 1999 poster was banned in Hong Kong).
Not being shy about it, consumers unabashedly admit to surfing the Internet via Wi-Fi in their underwear.
Green Thoughts, Green Shades is unabashedly belletristic and formalist in its emphases, and all the better for being so.
Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement is one of those rare compelling works by a biographer who unabashedly admires her subject.
The weathered yellow stone of San Marcos has been joined by a more recent and unabashedly contemporary interloper, the gridded white concrete facade of the town's new concert hall on the south side of the plaza.
Gin drinking was much more unabashedly mainstream than drug use is, as were its proponents, which rendered gin advocacy more socially acceptable than, say, marijuana advocacy.
We're unabashedly proud of being home to so many successful minority firms and we're looking for many more.
Over the years, ODC has made something of a specialty of work that unabashedly entertains even as it hopes to illuminate.
Whereas the best in world cinema is often a festival's biggest draw, Local Heroes Winnipeg unabashedly promotes its unique stance as an all-Canadian film festival.
The 4-page newsletter ($15/year) is witty and unabashedly liberal--railing against corporate America and Congress and digging up dirt "about the CIA, FBI, DEA, ATF, DIA, NSA, and even the PTA.