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Regardless, if you don't think you can safely and properly comply, bring on the PIC authority and just say it, "Unable."
He said his relationship with his partner had suffered due to his "irritability" and he had been unable to sleep properly.
unable to say was unable colliding stationary Graves "He looked out of his window and saw what he described as 'chaos'." Several witnesses from the other cars described rushing to Mr Slark's car and seeing him still sitting upright, with the roof caved in above him.
"Without these permits we are unable to move out of camps fearing arrest by government authorities."
According to traders, if the police were unable to trace these robbers, the robbers would get courageous.
Her mum, Emily Smith, 30, said her daughter has lost "everything" and has been left unable to communicate with anyone since she deteriorated rapidly in February.
For more than 30 years I have been a volunteer with several self-help organisations which try to help sufferers of mental health who have been unable to get the support that they need and deserve within their own communities.
There are not enough school places for children living within walking distance of their local school, people with cancer are unable to access life-saving medicine because they do not live in the right place, the ill have to wait weeks to see a GP.
Her longtime friend Leslie Morris filed a petition to become Mitchell's guardian on Tuesday, stating that the singer-songwriter was unable to care for herself.
Bank of Scotland (RBS) has apologised after customers were unable to withdraw cash TM machines.