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At this time (Mitchell) remains unconscious and unable to make any responses, and is therefore unable to provide for any of her personal needs,'' states Morris' filing, which was signed by her on Sunday and by her attorney on Monday.
The spokeswoman was unable to confirm which parts of the country, or how many customers, were affected.
Under these provisions, taxpayers can apply to the CRA to have interest and/or penalties waived or cancelled in situations where they are unable to file a tax return and/or make payments on time because of a natural disaster.
Finally, though, I played the trump card and said, "Center, we're unable to safely proceed on course due to weather.
This will result in not just those who work being unable to contribute to society, but the disabled who are unable to work being trapped within their own home.
Therefore, as noted in the attached memorandum, beginning August 1, 2005, DFAS will reject any non-electronic invoices submitted by MOCAS contractors unless the contractor has provided documentation/rationale to the contracting officer showing that it is unable to submit payment requests in electronic form.
Increasingly, however, disability insurers argue that their insureds have dual occupations and that even if they are unable to perform one occupation, they are not totally disabled under the policy because they can perform the other.
Only 12 patients, however, were rated by treating clinicians as unable to make informed decisions.
The court found that the mother had not provided a stable environment for children and had been unable to address her lack of parenting skills, and thus terminated the mother's parental rights.
Is it possible that the people to whom Isaiah prophesies are unable to see this beggar-God because they intuit that seeing will require a response?
Enter CalCPA's Affinity Partner Program, which allows CalCPA to provide programs and services to members who, without the benefit of CalCPA's group purchasing power, might be unable to obtain the service.
We are ensuring that those who are unable to work, or are doing everything in their power to find work, will be protected.