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Walid Ali also appreciated IIUI for its role in voicing concern over unacceptable US decision.
Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh all condemned the US decision on Al-Quds and termed it as an unacceptable action.
He added: "If the UK offer is unacceptable for Ireland it will also be unacceptable for the EU.
Ahead of tonight's game in Dundee, Holt said: "There are a few things we can improve on from the Hamilton game and we will look to do so because not winning any game at home is unacceptable.
You may accept that you are submissive to unacceptable behaviours but you should not call yourself an accepting person.
Nowhere in the union's statement does it explain why the government's decision, rationally explained several weeks ago by the finance minister, was unacceptable because the union has decided to resort to political pressure and intimidation.
It continues: "Year upon year there are scenes of violence, past episodes of racial harassment, unacceptable behaviour and this is condoned by TV producers all in effort to gain viewing figures.
The lack of comparability and the often poor quality of current accounting practices in the insurance industry around the world is clearly unacceptable," he said.
Under Section 612 of the Clean Air Act, EPAs Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program is adding to the list of safer and more climate-friendly chemicals for use in the refrigeration and air conditioning and fire suppression sectors; listing several new substitutes as unacceptable in specific end-uses in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector; and changing the status of a number of substitutes that were previously listed as acceptable in the refrigeration and air conditioning and foam blowing sectors.
He condemned the events in Marseille as unacceptable and said the police enforcement system which was in place had been "properly-sized".
Unacceptable for the authorities, unacceptable for society, unacceptable for football lovers," Cazeneuve said.
Global Banking News-January 19, 2016--ANZ to come down on unacceptable behaviour