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In addition, there is an unacceptably low representation of traditionally weaker sections such as OBCs, SCs and STs, especially in the higher judiciary," President Kovind said while inaugurating a two-day conference on the occasion of National Law Day.
A new survey by the Usability Company shows that UK financial websites are failing on performance, with poor accessibility, slow response times and an unacceptably high number of errors.
We must acknowledge that computer fluency among educators is unacceptably low.
And contrary to some people's expectations, the new market entrants have not, in the aggregate driven pricing to unacceptably low level.
2] moves toward 1 nm, the gate leakage current becomes unacceptably high.
Notwithstanding an unacceptably high level of "no-change" case results, Service personnel view the 2000 results as evidence that there is a sufficient level of noncompliance to warrant continued focus on K-1 matching.
This makes the needy importing country unacceptably dependent on the political will of another government, and increases the administrative burden.
This potential restraint, together with the possible effects of earlier reductions in equity wealth on consumption and the risk of slower growth abroad, threatens to keep the pace of economic activity unacceptably weak.
Current MIM technology produces unacceptably high defect rates on large parts.
It's unacceptably speculative to claim that large, heterogeneous populations would have an average difference in novelty-seeking behavior just because they differ dramatically in the frequencies of [this gene]," Kidd argues.
But what caused his own generation to be relatively unmoved, and what undoubtedly lies behind his rejection of painters like Kelly - they are too close to him, and thus unacceptably different - might well be what makes him interesting to contemporary artists.
Just as the National Rifle Association insisted on a House vote to repeal the ban on assault-weapons, even when such a move could hurt the candidacy of Bob Dole, members of the Christian Right remain unwilling to swallow hard and back a candidate whose positions they find unacceptably soft--even if he stands a strong chance of winning in November.