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The protesting people were beaten and forced to leave by policemen, the next day, on 30th of November, 2013, more people came to support students and show their unacceptance of the police actions, therefore, the student's protest had transformed into anti-government protesting.
"The illegitimacy of the referendum announced by the KRG as on September 25 and its unacceptance was once again specified.
They discuss depictions of gay characters and homosexual relationships, and explore what crime fiction of the period reveals about how gays and lesbians had to navigate society in an age of repression and unacceptance. Some specific areas discussed include socialism and same-sex desire in G.
545) and to the participants of this study, it meant feelings of unacceptance, isolation, stigmatization, lack of social support, and being bound by the burden of care for their child with autism.
The first negative theme that emerged from the narratives was unacceptance professionally.
Showing disagreement Behavior An utterance issued by the client that shows disagreement, An utterance issued by the disapproval and/or rejection of therapist that shows disapproval, the utterances issued by the rejection and/or unacceptance of therapist.
The ministry considered that the burning of Muslim and Christian holy sites by Israeli settlers is an indication of hatred and unacceptance of the other.
One of the reasons of the unacceptance of the theories of the limited effect of media was the advent of TV as a new media in the middle decades of 20th century.
This accelerating pace of unacceptance is partially because of the accelerating pace of technology development and a similar accelerating pace of increasing competition from global competitors.
Vaccine unacceptance by publics may hamper success of an immunization programme.
I find it to be--I know this will not be received with any warm embrace--but I find it to be a little bit double standard and hypocritical, especially when I hear Rastafarians professing or helping to spread unacceptance of any group of people.