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The circuits are split on whether an unaccepted Rule 68 offer moots the plaintiff's case.
Vicki Hon He did resign, but it was unaccepted, and rightly so
We feel like we are a rejected lot and are an unaccepted part of society.
P: any talk about postponement of elections is unaccepted
Vouchers from the e–edition are currently unaccepted.
Any insult to Moroccans made lately by Egyptian media outlets is unaccepted by the people of Egypt," said, Egypt's Ambassador, Ahmed Ihab Jamal Eddine.
On the French decision to prevent the Syrians in France from voting, he said this stance is politicized, illegal and unacceptable at the moral level, adding that the French decision contradicts an international procedure that has been followed for a long time, and is considered an unaccepted interference in the Syrian internal affairs.
50, although he didn't have an exact number of the unaccepted offers.
Today, a "rain check" also means a promise that an unaccepted offer will be acted upon in the future: When you cancel plans with a friend, you might ask for a rain check.
He aims to first relax the rules for the Diet to initiate constitutional amendments, a move unaccepted even by the ruling coalition's New Komeito but championed by the Japan Restoration Party, co-headed by Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto.
Therefore, within accepted Muslim practice, any intentional action resulting from unaccepted indoor thermal conditions or any movement departing from the actual performance of the prayer is not allowed and would make a person's prayer invalid or unaccepted by God "Allah" SWT.