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30) The New York Court of Appeals agreed with Belton, holding that "[a] warrantless search of the zippered pockets of an unaccessible jacket may not be upheld as a search incident to a lawful arrest where there is no longer any danger that the arrestee or a confederate might gain access to the article.
This is because explicit mental representations, as gauged by self-report measures, exploit propositional structures that are accessible through introspection, malleable, and thus reflect more recent events/experiences, whereas implicit mental representations build on associative structures that are unaccessible through introspection, less malleable, and thus may reflect earlier events/experiences (Fazio & Olson, 2003).
The Reading Room is not due to open until late next year but, when it does, books previously unaccessible to visitors will be available for view.
At the two media centers of the Beijing Olympic Games, certain Internet sites deemed as anti-China have been made unaccessible.
The website remained unaccessible for nearly 20 hours until organisers bought a new server with increased capacity.
In an increasingly celebrity-orientated world, having a recognisable face is a golden ticket to an exclusive world of premiers and parties, career options and life experiences which are unaccessible to the vast majority of the population.
16) Think of the unaccessible price of medication for countless AIDS-infected South Africans--indeed, whole generations--dying by the minute, or other parts of the developing world such as Latin America.
Water was chosen as a penetrating liquid in order to enable detection even of the smallest pores unaccessible to commonly used kerosene or butanol.
Health care, clothing, shelter and education have become even unaccessible to the poor.
Stravinsky was approaching his 90th year and proved to be unaccessible, although perhaps not for reason of age.
Terrades said that standard testing for the disease, which is virtually unaccessible to rural areas, requires two weeks for results, after which time many people just do not return.
The Library Company of Philadelphia came to be as a subscription library "at a time when the college libraries were unaccessible [sic] and unsuitable to general usage and public libraries were as yet undeveloped" (Budington, 1976, p.