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Will the rule of law, separation of powers, and checks and balances give way to arbitrary rule by corrupt officials unaccountable to no one?
But beginning around 1970, all that began to change when riots, legal challenges, unions, drug use, and other factors undermined the authority of autonomous, unaccountable prison systems.
It is also disgraceful for Obama to insist he has a stake in the referendum debate because of his country's sacrifice in the Second World War - Britain and the Commonwealth lost more troops than the Americans - what an insult to every brave soul in our islands who fought for king and country and not for some anonymous and unaccountable faces in Europe.
At long last there are signs that member states are beginning to tire of the over-bearing, bullying unaccountable tactics of Brussels.
Flores is staggered Hornets top scorer Ighalo (left) had his goal at Chelsea on Boxing Day given as a Gary Cahill own goal by the anonymous and unaccountable dubious goals panel.
There are still unaccountable numbers of people who can't pay their bills and struggle to make ends meet.
Just because the EU says it shall be so, must we suckers believe the pompous words of the wholly unaccountable tin gods of Brussels and Strasbourg?
The Unaccountable & Ungovernable Corporation: Companies' Use-By Dates Close in
The ICC will now become highly politicised, hugely wealthy, largely unaccountable and arguably more representative of the new kind of administration that Srinivasan is known for," he said.
THE Government's local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) are underfunded and unaccountable, according to a survey of council leaders.
Sight Screen Not good social and economic conditions Plus unaccountable, carbon emissions Soon we'll all be exposed, to fuel poverty When we are frozen out, of our property A further casualty, will be truth and honesty More monkey business, than in a monastery Best idea, is to take no part In deception, its practice or its art Remember to, utilise optometry Wear your specs, especially as it's free You may need to look, for a recovery Because it's invisible, far as I can see Economic bliss, obscured by a hired mourner Or perhaps we have, turned a blind corner.
The report, which was funded by the Nuffield Foundation, claimed that although company directors are increasingly expected to be accountable to their shareholders, shareholders themselves remain unaccountable to savers who invest in their funds.