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There won't be any money to spend after the next election" - A comment by Ed Miliband which appeared in a draft version of his conference speech but which he unaccountably omitted during its delivery.
Los Angeles Times critic Kenneth Turan asserted that the sense of exhilaration and fun that marked the best of the series has gone unaccountably AWOL.
The story relates the bizarre, "Kafkaesque" situation of Georg Bendemann, who cares for his elderly father and corresponds with a strangely sketchy friend in Russia; in turn, Georg's father is unaccountably suspicious of virtually everything Georg says or does.
Janice Hall WHAT do you call someone who rules over people unaccountably, claims to be appointed by God and pays very little tax, if any?
Waffling alongside its heroine, this second feature from writer-director Ava DuVernay ("I Will Follow") unaccountably withholds key info about the hubby's conviction while stretching minimal dramatic incident across a pictorially fuzzy canvas.
Umbrellas, homework and PE kit, all neatly organised for the start of the new academic year, have unaccountably disappeared into a void.
Beneath is an inscription on tablets of slate, which tells how Llywelyn went hunting without Gelert, his faithful hound, who was unaccountably absent.
Paterson to visit the work in progress in doing just the same thing at the Arboretum Junction to give his Tory colleagues here in Walsall the benefit of his views and join them in a photo-shoot, Unaccountably, Mr Paterson never showed up, but I did get a call from Mr Chris Kelly, who I think facilitated Mr Paterson's comments in the press, and who, as a prominent road haulier, has likewise used your columns to express strong reservations about Burnt Tree Island being replaced by a signalled junction.
But legislative leaders and the governor - the so-called Big 5 of Sacramento - unaccountably scrapped that deal and extended second-grade testing to 2011 in a little-noticed education trailer bill.
They were due to be published tomorrow but have been unaccountably delayed, with word being one party in particular is concerned about the lavish outlay of one of their members.
There is a rudimentary bibliography which unaccountably omits several important items, notably the splendid contributions of H.