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The unachievability of that desire is exposed and explicated in these poems, which ultimately work to destabilise the house as a site of wholeness, (patriarchal) order and stability.
(174) Again, the term "aspirational" is highly suggestive of optionality, and possibly even unachievability. (175) Under the mandatory view, standards of conduct remain mandatory and binding upon actors, even if they are unenforced.
Re-entries in our case point to the irresolubility of non-knowledge (temporal dimension), to the unachievability of rationality (factual dimension) and to the irresolubility of dissent (social dimension) in matters of risk.
At the same time, the novel is quite aware of what Ann duCille in 1994 termed "the pain and disappointment" which result from the failure - or at least the present-day unachievability - of many forms of healthy community, especially a diverse scholarly community concerned with the careful study of African American women's stories (duCille 624).