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It adds: "However, the Scottish government's support for renewable energy development is built on something of a paradox because, put simply, without the subsidies paid by electricity consumers in the rest of the UK, the Scottish government's ambitious targets for renewable energy would be politically unachievable.
Employing a dual crosslinking mechanism, these dispersions provide a level of durability that is reported to be previously unachievable in conventional one-component wood coating products.
The very tax-efficient structure permits valuations that are seemingly unachievable by conventional offerings, even high-yield alternatives, in the U.
It is capable of producing nanoparticles controlled down to the molecular level of mixing, resulting in scaleable quantities with phase purity previously unachievable through conventional batch reaction technology.
He is convinced that the government's emission reduction targets are unachievable without resort to nuclear power.
They then lay out a "strategy" that would be enticing if it weren't so embarrassingly vague, repetitive of past attempts (including those of the Bush administration), and singularly unachievable.
Technology Advances Mean Better Data, Faster: Innovative grid-based computing will allow marketers to achieve more sophisticated data analysis and modeling at previously unachievable speed--and at a lower cost.
It is fine to strive for exactitude, Balka seems to say, but one should not forget that it is unachievable.
But seeking justice was a lifelong endeavor--it became obvious to those who knew, read and learned from him that justice was not an unachievable ideal but a realizable objective.
They haven't diminished drug use, yet we continue to elevate punishment and spend money to accomplish an unachievable goal.