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However, in the absence of any regulatory efforts, unacquired land in the zone is dotted with thousands of unregulated buildings.
It is the case of the petitioners that high-rise and other buildings of a commercial nature cannot be constructed within the area known as Bani Gala or in the unacquired areas of Sector E-11.
'CDA will regularise private buildings owned by individuals in unacquired lands in zone-IV,' CDA Member Planning Asad Mehboob Kiyani disclosed to The Express Tribune, while maintaining that the authority had decided to take the step after completing due process and suggested that this model would be replicated for hundreds of other such buildings in the capital.
where the unacquired k-space signal [S.sub.j] (the left side of (1)) is calculated by a linear combination of fc-space signals (the right side of (1)).
As the gap widens between what a library would like to acquire and what it is able to acquire, it is inevitable that ever more valuable materials must go unacquired. It is for this reason the opportunity costs of acquired items rise as the gap grows between what is desired and what can be acquired.
Rehabilitation Works For Cart Tracks And Unacquired Private Agriculture Lands Submergrd At F.R.L.
"Contrary to media reports and misinterpretations, only the program's acquisition and distribution of unacquired and undistributed agricultural lands end on June 30, 2014 as per Sec.
Consequently, those unacquired troubled assets would have either been retained or liquidated by the FDIC.
(7) Later, in Section III.C of this paper, we further extend our sample by adding 91 matching unacquired firms, increasing our sample size to 198 observations.
The bill mandates the DAR and the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council to plan and program the acquisition and distribution of all the remaining unacquired and undistributed lands until 2019.
Not only is it natural for infants 'to believe or trust their parents and teachers', which Bax regards as 'basic in the sense of being unacquired or instinctive' (127) and takes 'their trusting attitude to be default' (128); even in beginning to believe the certainties handed down by her elders, the infant 'already distinguishes self from the other and other from the self (129).
In legal cases where a doctor is required to testify 'against' a patient the doctor must remember that they have 'natural duties', which are unacquired general duties simply by virtue of the doctor's being a member of the human community, natural duties such as refraining from doing harm and promoting fairness.