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When the receptor is in the unactivated state, its intracellular portion is linked to a G protein.
Since the flux core needs to be heated to evacuate the wire core, there is a very low risk unactivated flux can be transferred to the work piece.
Unlike hydroformylation methods, OLE-DIOX offers the opportunity of promoting a carboxylation event using unactivated olefins, products produced in bulk from petroleum processing, with abundant carbon dioxide as C1 source.
Most notably, activation of the intrinsic pathway with kaolin gave clotting times that were similar to unactivated (citrated native) samples, clearly indicating an incomplete contact pathway in all avian species tested, which aligns with previously published findings.
If a microorganism on Earth could test nature's limit to such an extent, maybe there are such organisms on places like Jupiter's moons, lying in an unactivated state, just waiting to be discovered.
An unactivated sewage disposal system is being blamed for raw sewage running through the streets of a district in Jeddah for the last ten days, which has brought angry complaints from local residents.
It was observed that most of the platelets were found to be round in shape (score 1), which confirmed their unactivated state.
CXCR4 are expressed mostly on resting, unactivated naive T cells (CD26low CD45RA+ CD45RO-).
Lastly, I wedged the unactivated FridgeTag in with an informational instruction sheet down the side, put the vacuum panel lid on the container and closed the flaps until the Velcro grabbed securely.
In the present study, we tested the premise that p,p'-DDE influences mammary tumor development using the unactivated MMTV-Neu mouse model (Guy et al.