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The results of the energy balance do not reach a sufficient outcome in the herein used unadapted model approaches for the wall heat transfer.
Then, the material was filtered: the NDA, for instance, provides plenty of adapted and unadapted forms, but except for a few cases, it does not distinguish between genuine and false Anglicisms, and even some of the false Anglicisms are identified as genuine English words.
However, it must be remembered that positive monologue as an unadapted state of mind is considered too positive according to Schwartz and Garamoni (1986).
Induction period ([T.sub.ind], days)--the period during which the unadapted activate sludge is adapted to the test surfactant (or surfactant-containing composition).
This includes 609 lines of unadapted Latin text, notes, and complete vocabulary, suggested reading, genealogical charts, two maps and five well-chosen illustrations.
The ASTM standard points out that about 7.5 L/s of outdoor air ventilation per person will control human body odor such that roughly 80% of unadapted persons will find the odor to be at an acceptable level.
Medvedeva et al., "Unadapted and adapted to starvation Acholeplasma laidlawii cells induce different responses of Oryza sativa, as determined by proteome analysis," Journal of Proteomics, vol.
Due to the time and effort required to identify and then use wild and unadapted genetic resources, "a breeder must have a good idea about the genetic value of an uncharacterized resource before attempting to use it in a breeding program," McCouch said.
But the care was abruptly withdrawn last week, with officials informing Brian that his unadapted Kingshurst property is not a 'safe environment' - and suggesting a care home was more appropriate.
Currently military psychiatry focuses on the sociologic and dynamic sides of the unadapted conducts, being based on theoretical and practical reflection of emotional immaturity which is involved in different neurotic, psychotic or in-between organizations.
Visitors will also be able to book in for free test drives in a range of cars adapted and unadapted cars.
On the unadapted Apis mellifera, the result was devastating.