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So you want to be heart-healthy, but running marathons or limiting your diet to unadorned fish, fruits and veggies isn't your style.
Gentle pastel illustrations and an unadorned narrative style convey the warmth, love, and hope, that inspire this simple and lovely child's story with a great truth at its heart.
she went on, lowering her dress for the host and the audience as proof that her sizable chest was unadorned.
He can play with real percussive force, but he can also play with great delicacy and space, and knows when to leave a folk tune unadorned, or a jazz classic gently nuanced.
Her language is unadorned and direct, appropriate to her characters without ever seeming dumbed-down or condescending.
The self-confessed singleton, 38, proudly flashed her unadorned left hand - and her perfect pins - at the Madrid premiere of her new film Bad Teacher.
While record labels such as Chicago's Chess Records and Manchester's Factory have benefited from fictionalized features celebrating their storied histories ("Cadillac Records" and "24 Hour Party People," respectively), London's Creation Records has had to settle for unadorned docu "Upside Down.
The book lets refugees, both children and adults, relate their experiences, and puts their individual stories into context with an unadorned account of what has happened in the country since it was invaded.
Here are served 28 unadorned papers on a topics relating to vegetables from an array of perspectives.
held up with unadorned black suspenders, plain as their lives, find
If Presbyterians are unadorned, then it follows that they would be without pretence.
Another option is the sleek, chic, unadorned approach: Raf Simons, the minimalist Belgian designer and creative director at Jil Sander, has an ongoing collaboration with the iconic American bag maker Eastpak (styles range from $200 to $500; Eastpak.