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The simple unaffectedness of the Nzamba Lela's steps made the increasing waves of pyrotechnics by the LINES dancers seem frenzied and over the top by comparison.
In a way, the Fletchers appear to be an all-American family in their unaffectedness and innate belief in themselves.
Rousseau's hyperbolic claims to unaffectedness are delectably suspect, as is Gide's constant captatio benevolentiae, for once a perfectly apt bit of jargon which itself captures Gide's would-be disarming strategies.
We effectively recast the variable-sharing problem as one of "unaffectedness dependencies" (or noninstantiation dependencies).
47), a "Machiavelli in tents" in whom "a polished Italian tact gleam[s] under an air of Arcadian unaffectedness" (p.