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The simple unaffectedness of the Nzamba Lela's steps made the increasing waves of pyrotechnics by the LINES dancers seem frenzied and over the top by comparison.
In a way, the Fletchers appear to be an all-American family in their unaffectedness and innate belief in themselves.
Rousseau's hyperbolic claims to unaffectedness are delectably suspect, as is Gide's constant captatio benevolentiae, for once a perfectly apt bit of jargon which itself captures Gide's would-be disarming strategies.
Coleridge presents them as parodies of contemporary writers, but privately imputed mostly his own, Lamb's, and Lloyd's practices, as he says in a letter to Joseph Cottle, "in ridicule of that affectation of unaffectedness, of jumping & misplaced accent on common-place epithets, flat lines forced into poetry by Italics (signifying how well & mouthis[h]ly the Author would read them) puny pathos &c &c--the instances are almost all taken from mine & Lloyd's poems.
It enables us to recast sharing analysis in the Pos domain by interpreting Boolean functions as specifying unaffectedness dependencies.