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However, farmers faced many problems related to technical/technological aspect, financial capital, difficult access to market and information, institutional constraints, and unaffirmative government policies.
Islamic scientific creativity lies exactly in the middle circle and consists in articulating objective theoretical frameworks for facilitating a sufficiently detailed reading of the physical world as unveiling (affirmative of) rather than veiling (unaffirmative of) the truth and reality of the revealed, metaphysical core.
Sadomasochistic, drunken, sexist, child-molesting racial profiles from some dawn time of rococo premodernism mingle and cavort, locked in unaffirmative action.
Greenberg decided that Dickens originally intended to stop with chapter 58: "Pip was to remain in the East, and the action was to end on an ironical, though not totally unaffirmative note."(6) Does it matter if Dickens failed to include a reunion for Pip and Estella in the two pages of "General Mems." he jotted down about the time he began chapter 48?(7) Designed to assist him through the final twelve chapters, these notes need not have contained everything of import, nor do they deserve absolute authority.