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The motivation level is a big factor for eye movement of 2 to 4 years old, as aimed objects are reached even up to 5 times faster by the eye comparing to unaimed tasks, where lack of motivation exists and overview method is sometimes used rather than straight look into one object.
In fact, that shot--fired unaimed and double-action--had never touched the offender.
Like Eisenstein leaving a door open on the set "for the unexpected to come in," or Flaherty letting the unaimed cameras run in Man from Aran, Johnson revelled in the paradox of "deliberate uncertainty.
The deaths of two members of the regiment come to mind: Alex Murray, who was permitting a comrade to pass him in the trenches of Petersburg, exposed his head and was killed by a sharpshooter (181); and William Caldwell, who was lying asleep on his back after the battle of Fredericksburg when an unaimed bullet struck him in the heart, killing him almost instantly (83).
Once more, the poet is a boy in bed; this time, it is dawn and he awakens - reluctantly, from "the unaimed faceless appetite of dream.
He goes on: "A bomb falling, unaimed, on a city is the moral equivalent of a bomb planted in a public place or a machine gun pointed at a crowd.
A week previous when returning from a night patrol one of the patrol had got badly wounded by unaimed fire; and it was Broncho who carried him back safely to the trench.
This is especially the case with some close-quarter stances that require firing a one-handed, unaimed shot from an unnatural and convoluted position that is likely to end up missing the target.
Shooters at the top level are so well trained and unbelievably fast with aimed fire that there might be no justification for them to use unaimed methods in real life.
The author is an advocate in the need for unaimed natural shooting for very close defense encounters.
Long time Handguns readers will have read Pat's articles on the need for unaimed point shooting for close quarter defensive situations.
It is also a great training aid for identifying trigger jerk and for practicing unaimed point shooting.