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where [[beta].sub.1] and [[beta].sub.2] are thermodynamic factors for unalike additions to entropy density, [[alpha].sub.0] and [[alpha].sub.1] are thermodynamics heat coupling factors, and T is temperature.
what we know is like and unalike as it is kept in different shaped containers it is as the problems of analogy it as the view from the sea it is as the introduction of plants and animals, others, exotically yet it is also as the way of the wood borer and the opinion of the sea as it is as the occidental concepts of government, commerce, money and imposing what we know is like and unalike one stays diverse with formed packages that is what the problems of the analogy are ...
The most evident factors differentiating health outcomes in different populations are dissimilar exposures (possibly due to unalike ways of active life) and different physiological sensibilities to the pollution factors affecting health (and many possible cofactors, as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, weather events, and allergens).
A metaphor compares two things that seem unalike. Lincoln was a master of the art (A house divided against itself cannot stand).
What has to be absorbed is how conspicuously unalike Cameron's request is from Blair's.
Criticism of them can be divided into four categories: they were not socially desirable from an ex post perspective; they were unfair (they treated like people or firms unalike); they produced moral hazard and other bad incentives for people who expect more bailouts in the future; and they did not obey principles of procedural due process.
How exactly they are akin or unalike, however, remains unknown and requires further investigation.
As, we know that XOR & AND operations give unalike results with 75% probability ratio.
These little fellows, a mere 2.5' apart, are totally unalike. UGC 12548 is a 14th-magnitude edge-on specimen that yields to averted vision as a subtly mottled streak with a broad central bulge.
And while you might imagine Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe were as unalike as two actors could be, they shared one quality -- an odd manner of speaking.
alike offenders may be treated unalike. (20) In such circumstances, fair