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Unalleviated pain has profound effects on the animal, leading to emotional, behavioral, and physiological changes (see Jirkof, 2017; Peterson et al., 2017).
The path of Islam was still the purely mystical path of doing one's utmost, unalleviated as yet by the establishment of a legal minimum.
The finances from the global donor will be beneficial for weak households, including dislocated poor people, marginalized or economically unalleviated households, widows and physically week persons.
(74) Eight of the twelve poets had been included in either Winning or its sequel Demilitarized Zones, and every single one of them approached their writings about the war with the same penetrating honesty of those earlier works, that unflinching "gaze falling on horror, withstanding it, and in unalleviated consciousness of negativity holding fast to the possibility of what is better." (75)
"Unalleviated stress can increase risk of heart attack and damage certain areas of our brain, so the human ability to cry has a survival value."
That concordance had not been achieved, and the president's intense dissatisfaction was unalleviated, was evident in his issuing orders that same day mandating the organization of the Army of the Potomac into a corps configuration.
Lavinia, "her glistening eyes cast down" (31), submitted to the obligation, continuing unalleviated into the fifteenth century, for women to enter into marriages tailored to the multi-generational purposes of men.
The problem with Lear, he says, is that the gloom is "unalleviated." Setting aside "the beauty of the poetry," Miller observes, "Lear is unredeemed; he really goes down in a sack, in a coal chute."
"I believe that the National News Agency indeed enriches Lebanon with an unalleviated flow of news.
Against the background of the camps, the cholera, the ongoing and unalleviated suffering of the poor, Danticat recalls other outrages: Duvalier's very public execution of Marcel Numa and Louis Drouin; the assassination of Jean Dominique, Haitian journalist and the face of Radio Haiti Inter; the torture and mutilation of Alerte Belance after the 1991 coup that ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
Driving past grey Stalinist apartment blocks, unalleviated by any spring cheer in what used to be the most pro-Soviet country in the Eastern Bloc, I began to think I should have waited a few more weeks after all.
(215) One such externality might be the debtor's eligibility for various forms of social insurance--protection necessary, in turn, to avoid the externalities associated with unalleviated poverty.