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I believe that the National News Agency indeed enriches Lebanon with an unalleviated flow of news.
Against the background of the camps, the cholera, the ongoing and unalleviated suffering of the poor, Danticat recalls other outrages: Duvalier's very public execution of Marcel Numa and Louis Drouin; the assassination of Jean Dominique, Haitian journalist and the face of Radio Haiti Inter; the torture and mutilation of Alerte Belance after the 1991 coup that ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
Driving past grey Stalinist apartment blocks, unalleviated by any spring cheer in what used to be the most pro-Soviet country in the Eastern Bloc, I began to think I should have waited a few more weeks after all.
215) One such externality might be the debtor's eligibility for various forms of social insurance--protection necessary, in turn, to avoid the externalities associated with unalleviated poverty.
troops there to about 100,000--large parts of Central and South Asia are facing increasing water troubles that affect livelihoods and, if unalleviated, could undermine the region's future stability.
More than once I was reminded of Bergman's film The Serpent's Egg, of the stultifying atmosphere of the last years of the Weimar Republic, of the mixture of paranoia and disorientation, of the ways in which discouragement turns into resignation, then submission, and how general dissatisfaction hurries to find marginal targets; of how, given conditions of unalleviated material want and systematic terror, stupidity and violence will erupt wherever they can.
However, Jarman's "private" writings from the same period sometimes display heterophobic sentiments unalleviated by carnivalesque inversion.
Moreover, many fiscal studies fail to measure costs such as the effect of punitive policies on families and communities, costs associated with increasing the number of parents in the criminal justice system, the cost to state and local governments of policing the poor, and the long-term costs of stigmatizing government assistance and allowing poverty to go unalleviated.
Our main finding is that electrical stimulation of the NRM for a few days just after SCI reversed postinjury allodynia in the forelimbs, although hindlimb allodynia remained unalleviated.
These three figures' agitation is unalleviated by a saviour on a cross who reassures them with the promise of eternal life.
Like Monygham, Moral limps through his city on maimed feet, visible signs of his unalleviated anguish and of the partial, disarticulated state of Paraguay's collective history.
48) If godly divines used temporary faith to keep some of their audience in a state of holy suspense, these same divines also offered up "temporary unbelief'--my term, not theirs--when healthy concern lapsed into unalleviated anguish.