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The unallied Regeneration party, expected to win seven seats, is likely to play a crucial role, with both coalition blocs having previously ruled out working together.
He discusses in depth the earliest configuration of unallied tribes in the land and the religion of Yahweh among these tribes.
(88) International law generally views statelessness as undesirable and seeks to prevent or discourage leaving persons unprotected by and unallied with any nation.
Nancy travelled to Spain throughout the 1950s and, unallied to any political organization, pursued her various commitments, rescuing prisoners and smuggling them to France, delivering clothing and whatever money she could raise to friends with names like "El Segador" and "Aquesto", former Republican soldiers and Spanish maquisards.
The remaining 21 are likely to have been unallied civilians who were later claimed by the Maoists as one of their own, a common enough practice.
These fervent yet ultimately unallied political beliefs made her a remarkable albeit enigmatic figure to her fellow leftist contemporaries.
World War II meant three different wars for Finland: the Winter War against the Soviet invasion from November 1939 to March 1940; the Continuation War of 1941-44 as an officially unallied "brothers-in-arms" offensive with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union; the Lapland War between September 1944 and April 1945, the aim of which was to drive out the German troops in Northern Finland.
Although the Pilgrims found a welcoming harbor in Holland, it proved to be a brief respite, as political situations altered as crucial peace treaties with Spain and France expired, leaving Holland politically unallied and therefore exposed to the avarice of other less-progressive states.
Colonel Rol's FFI men, police, and unallied civilian volunteers, armed with captured Nazi small arms and anti-tank weapons, rolled the German defense back to isolated and fortified hotels and public buildings.
Founded in 1989 by the former bishop of Chiapas, Samuel Ruiz Garcia, the center, unallied with government or church, promotes a vision of human rights through education, advocacy and documentation.
A space that once held 16 small lounges run by separate airlines now has four large ones: one for each alliance and another for passengers of unallied airlines.
This implies that the inverse is also true, that trivial levels of integration achieved with unallied suppliers of noncritical items, integrated late in the process resulted in lower perceived performance.