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Founded in 1989 by the former bishop of Chiapas, Samuel Ruiz Garcia, the center, unallied with government or church, promotes a vision of human rights through education, advocacy and documentation.
A space that once held 16 small lounges run by separate airlines now has four large ones: one for each alliance and another for passengers of unallied airlines.
This implies that the inverse is also true, that trivial levels of integration achieved with unallied suppliers of noncritical items, integrated late in the process resulted in lower perceived performance.
and still thought and mind Will hurry us with them on their homeless march, Over the unallied unopening earth, Over the unrecognizing sea.
This person comes flesh to the facts of the case, impartial to the situation of the case, uninvolved in the prior treatment decisions in the case, and unallied with any party in the particular disagreement.
As for Treasure Island, I much preferred it to the Coral variety, but even then I found mere adventure stories, unallied to any purpose than to get the pulse racing, thin and unsatisfying.
2 percent of the equity in the business, and Delaware courts have consistently ruled against him while independent directors of Hollinger International attempt to gain more value for unallied shareholders.
In June of 1942 he wrote to Rabbi James Heller that "public relations work and political influence in behalf of Palestine" would fare better if rabbis and lay people approached the government "in behalf of the Synagogue and not in behalf of an organization [the Zionist Organization] which, by virtue of its character, is unallied to the American-Jewish community as such.
The Dublin guild was a composite organization, comprised of many overlapping, peripheral, and unallied trades; and its dominant faiths were, predictably, Protestant, Catholic, and Quaker.
The right of the minor party is levelled beneath far stronger claims, whether this party is the tenant of low-rent housing, or an unallied participant in the world economy, the position is curiously strategic, necessary in a raw form for the process of appropriation to begin.
This reading is followed by another important addition to the scholarship of Romantic minstrelsy: the identification of "a minstrelsy unallied to social power" in the work of John Clare (174), particularly "The Village Minstrel" (1821), Clare's pointed revision of James Beattie's The Minstrel (1771-74).