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In Tranche-l, which will be Batch-II of Phase-II of the National Solar Mission, 3000 MW capacity of solar PV power plants will be based on bundling of solar power (3000 MW) with unallocated thermal power (1500 MW) in the ratio of 2:1 (in MW terms), for which the required 1500 MW unallocated thermal power has been made available by the Ministry of Power.
Unscrupulous and wealthy housing developers wishing to cherry pick the very much ripe for picking, easier to develop and more profitable unallocated greenfield land over allocated open land or brownfield and possibly contaminated land, would see this as a useful way to boost their land bank.
Unallocated equity can be distributed to members as ownership shares to be offered in the event a cooperative were to be demutualized.
They are worried because more than 40% of the available EU finding for England is still unallocated, while the equivalent figure is 25% for Wales, and 20% for Scotland.
The decision turned on the destruction of unallocated space on a computer hard drive.
HSBC BankArmenia has announced that it has launched an unallocated gold account service.
The three key ministries have since remained unallocated due to ongoing disputes between the political blocs over the right to lead them.
Taking part in the deliberations, Badal demanded to enhance the allocation of power from unallocated central sector power quota to 30% from 10% during the paddy season proportionately to state's contribution of rice in the central pool.
They have not been trained to, nor are they capable of, accurately determining either discount rates to be used or estimating unallocated loss adjustment expenses (specifically third party claims administration fees) with any degree of accuracy.
An award of, or an agreement for, unallocated alimony and child support, sometimes referred to as "family support," (10) can be all taxable/deductible; but only if all the requirements of I.
When unallocated support payments are present, the courts have looked first at the language in the written agreement when deciding whether either a continuing payment liability or a substitute payment liability exists.