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We must determine if we, Eugene, are part of the world of open commerce or if we wish to pick and choose who's an unallowable threat to our well-being.
That investigation has since been greatly expanded to include allegations ranging from failure to comply with criminal history reviews to possible violations of the National School Lunch Program to spending state funds on unallowable expenses.
These regulatory changes will impact margins on government contracts and will require exact accounting to avoid government assessment of penalties for claiming expressly unallowable costs," he said.
The Court ruled in favor of the taxpayer, which had overstated the basis of real estate it sold by erroneously including in its cost certain unallowable development expenses.
failed to adequately document the source and/or adequacy of borrowers' funds used for closing; 2) failed to correctly calculate or adequately document borrowers' income; 3) failed to verify the stability of borrowers' income; 4) failed to ensure borrowers are eligible for an FHA-insured mortgage; 5) failed to ensure the property met eligibility requirements; 6) failed to comply with HUD's property-flip-ping requirements; and 7) charged borrowers unallowable fees.
California allowable and unallowable WIC foods are listed at:
IN what today would be seen as unallowable health and safety sacrilege, scores of young people packed into the backs of open lorries for a bumpy ride from Tyneside to the Northumbrian countryside.
Without verifying labor charges against the contractor's proposal as required by FBI policy, there is an increased risk of disbursing funds for unallowable charges.
The exposure to the electric field of industrial frequency with the strength of 5 kV/m for the entire working day is unallowable, whereas the short-time exposure to the electric field with the strength exceeding as much as 20 kV/m is allowed.
A general unallowable purpose rule for interest deductions exists in the UK, but this should not apply to most commercially-driven situations.
They found the following: (1) WSFCS expended $38,400 of ESEA Title I funds on a program that included some expenses that appeared to constitute entertainment, a potentially unallowable use of these funds; and (2) WSFCS staff could not provide documentation to show that the district obtained multiple bids or price quotes for contracts for goods and services.