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Larger cycle numbers could freeze the saturated water and shrink the coal matrix more times, inducing more "unallowed damages or deformations" to form and accumulate with circulation, which would cause many transformations to occur among pores with different sizes.
Equally amusing was a notice pinned up in my room warning bathrobes were "equipped with an anti-theft device and will explode when leaving the hotel unallowed".
A request made to a plantation company for financial compensation because of unallowed usage of adut land becomes a sort of "offer one cannot refuse" if delivered by thirty uniformed members of the adat command.
The audit also alleged that Spectrum paid nearly $1 million in unallowed compensation to a former chairman for undocumented consulting services provided while he was living in Alaska and Florida.
For example, if a taxpayer's foreign-source dividends are taxed at 40% in the foreign country and these dividends are taxed at 15% for Federal tax purposes, it is likely that the taxpayer will have a large amount of foreign income taxes that will be unallowed as an FTC for Federal tax purposes (i.e., the unallowed portion being the difference between the 40% foreign tax rate and the 15% Federal tax rate).
The deconstructivist artists thereby show that the traditional, rationalist utopia is nothing but "eine unerlaubte Verkurzung der Idee der Moderne, die stets die Vielfalt und Gegensatzlichkeit als Teil ihrer selbst erachtete" (112) [an unallowed foreshortening of the idea of modernity, which has always considered multiplicity and contradictoriness as parts of itself].
The principle of anxiety articulated through the colonial network of hierarchical oppositions is thus made to confront the resurgence of its repressed Other; the unnameable sterile monster of the infertile hybrid is the unallowed, disavowed, strategic threat, the third term which is less than either one but simultaneously more than the sum of both.
Other unallowed expenditures Porter was reimbursed for include Old Spice deodorant, Stayfree tampons, cough syrup, dress shirts, toothpaste, Smiley Night Lights, petroleum jelly, and Hershey candy bars."
Secular music unallowed. No Verdi, Rossini, Mozart, no Pavarotti?
"To me, that's what rock and roll should always come down to--the unallowed," says punk band manager Leee Black Childers, noting a theatrical faux-terrorism that has clearly run its course, leaving us with big bad circus acts like Marilyn Manson.
Activities allowed or unallowed. The specific requirements for activities allowed or unallowed are unique to each federal program.
* compliance with provisions of laws, regulations, contracts, or grants that could have a direct and material effect on determining financial statement amounts, including an opinion on whether the recipient complied with laws, regulations, contracts, or grants that could have a direct and material effect on each major Federal program and/or compliance requirement type (i.e., Federal financial reporting, allowable costs/cost principles, types of services allowed or unallowed, and eligibility), and where applicable, reference to the separate schedule of findings and questioned costs; and