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On May 26, 2011, the decision of the Hearing Review Council was stayed, however, based on the NASDAQ claim that CleanTech's email submission of its delisting appeal brief to the NASDAQ constituted an unallowed "ex parte communication.
KUWAIT, April 25 (KUNA) -- Persons who barbecue at unallowed public locations will be fined KD 1,000, the Director-General of Kuwait Municipality warned on Wednesday.
What date is used as the "date purchased" to report a stock transaction that includes an unallowed loss because there was a previous wash sale?
However, IRS does not have a program to automatically identify nonresident aliens who improperly file Form 1040 instead of Form 1040NR, which can result in lost tax revenue when these taxpayers take unallowed deductions.
The unallowed try was a dubious decision but that's the rub of the green when you're not on song.
A request made to a plantation company for financial compensation because of unallowed usage of adut land becomes a sort of "offer one cannot refuse" if delivered by thirty uniformed members of the adat command.
Among its findings, the audit said markups on reimbursable expenses and subcontract costs were excessive compared with those of other government agencies, and that unallowed markups for one subcontractor totaled more than $175,000.
The audit also alleged that Spectrum paid nearly $1 million in unallowed compensation to a former chairman for undocumented consulting services provided while he was living in Alaska and Florida.
For example, if a taxpayer's foreign-source dividends are taxed at 40% in the foreign country and these dividends are taxed at 15% for Federal tax purposes, it is likely that the taxpayer will have a large amount of foreign income taxes that will be unallowed as an FTC for Federal tax purposes (i.
The principle of anxiety articulated through the colonial network of hierarchical oppositions is thus made to confront the resurgence of its repressed Other; the unnameable sterile monster of the infertile hybrid is the unallowed, disavowed, strategic threat, the third term which is less than either one but simultaneously more than the sum of both.
Other unallowed expenditures Porter was reimbursed for include Old Spice deodorant, Stayfree tampons, cough syrup, dress shirts, toothpaste, Smiley Night Lights, petroleum jelly, and Hershey candy bars.
Prior to the year of disposition, losses which are unallowed in any given year are carried forward to the next to be recalculated to see whether they will be deductible or whether they will have to be carried forward again.