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They are unalterably opposed to the romantic boy-girl society that Playboy promotes.
Not all Republicans are unalterably opposed to the idea of new revenue.
This sort of advisor is unalterably committed to his market ideology, contrary facts and evidence notwithstanding.
Beardsley is the master of the unexpected but unalterably finished article.
The assumption underlying the individualistic economic ethic is that the individual is either unalterably "given" as he stands or is morally "self-made," and that in either case he is the real social unit.
Under sufficient internal or external stress, however, or in situations somehow reminiscent of past abuse, our cognitive integrity shatters and becomes locked in rigidly inflexible, self-centered thought patterns, simplistic black-and-white opinions devoid of nuance and an immutable conviction that the future is destined to be both short and unalterably dim.
The most important components of our teaching philosophy, those we adhere to unalterably and without compromise, are at the core of that vision.
Co-chairman of Thornton Tomasetti until 2004, he counts amongst his proudest achievements the creation of ACE and the thousands of young lives he's unalterably affected, initially leveraging the support of Thornton Thomasetti offices, then other companies he founded, all of which also sponsored ACE.
The core theme of Iranian domestic propaganda is not the death chant, however, but rather painting the United States as unalterably hostile to Iran, Iranians and Islam in an effort to focus the Iranian public's anger on a foreign threat rather than domestic issues.
The United Steelworkers issued the following statement today in response to the release of the text of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement: The USW is unalterably opposed to the TPP because it s a dagger twisting in the heart of American manufacturing.
Even I, who love the separation between actor and audience precisely because the audience is thereby free to imagine without having to perform, must admit that she succeeded completely in erasing the line between performer and watcher, and that her project has unalterably affected mine.
Its governing party had a left-wing revolutionary attitude, unalterably opposed to Washington and its foreign policy.