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Receivers must practice their own form of unambiguous communications, as well, by questioning (as needed) the directives from the communicator.
Unlike cereal-based beer, the pepper-berry-based chicha may have left behind unambiguous residues on the inside of the vats during boiling.
Whereas the national interest is an unambiguous, objectively determined justification for action, not a rhetorical construction intended to disguise ulterior motives;
To examine the impact of strategic processing, we varied the proportion of ambiguous and unambiguous words presented to subjects.
I trust that the local Churches will give due attention to the medical profession, promoting the ideal of unambiguous service to the great miracle of life, supporting obstetricians, gynaecologists, and health workers who respect the right to life by helping to bring them together for mutual support and the exchange of ideas and experiences.
I would much rather have a civilization that in a very healthy way had confronted the past and was determined to give their children a set of ethics so clear and unambiguous and so courageous that Nazism could never rise again in Germany'.
In losing its various figurative meanings, its traditional connection to scholasticism and the priesthood charged with conveying its allegorical, moral, and anagogical senses to the faithful, the Protestant Bible became at once a text of real historical and geographical significance, a document of puzzling cosmological assertions, and a storehouse of explicit and seemingly unambiguous imperatives about mankind's role as cultivator of the soil, explorer of the heavens, and colonizer of other lands.
This is one of those rare books which speaks clearly to the general reader as well as to policy experts because the author, a professor of geography, has the courage to take a reasoned, but unambiguous stand on a controversial issue.
An unambiguous message to army chief Raoul Cedras and police chief Michel Francois would go a long way.
The questions of what information to release and when to release it must be answered in the context of accountability for achieving clear, unambiguous objectives for monetary policy.
Where the contract is clear and unambiguous on its face, the intent of the parties can be ascertained by the language employed in the contract.