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A clear and unambiguous change in law adversely affects a
"It would be premature to claim unambiguous detection and attribution of some human influence on climate.
The Ninth Circuit's decision can be criticized for not following the clear and unambiguous language of a legislative regulation.
If one knows the acoustic properties of the sampled oil, then the time it takes for an ultrasound wave to reflect between the top of the slick and the oil-water interface will provide a "direct and unambiguous determination of the oil layer's thickness," Choquet says.
Although the agreement is not unambiguous, we think that the terms thereof better indicate a transaction between the L firm as such and T than they do a transaction between the continuing partners individually and T.
This is the largest single collection of hominids from the Middle Pleistocene period, which extends from around 500,000 to 130,000 years ago, when the first unambiguous fossils of European Neandertals turn up, Arsuaga's group maintains.
Kamper says Proxima is so dim and cool that the details of its spectral fingerprint "blend and blur," making it difficult to obtain an unambiguous measurement of its motion.
Pinatubo has yielded the first unambiguous evidence that volcanic debris makes Earth's atmosphere more reflective to sunlight, which cools the climate.
But such an attractor normally doesn't contain a crisp, unambiguous X.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview on Monday that US President Donald Trump has issued an unambiguous directive that the number of American troops deployed to Afghanistan must be reduced before the 2020 presidential elections.
30.) government decree (hereinafter referred to as: Kr.), The contracting authority draws attention to the fact that if the unambiguous and unambiguous definition of the subject of the public procurement made it necessary for , Activity, Person, Patent or trademark, The designation is used solely to clearly define the nature of the subject matter and is intended to mean "or equivalent" in all cases.
City of Burton, 493 Mich 303, 311-313 (2013), the Michigan Supreme Court held that there was to be no "judicial legislation" of the clear and unambiguous text of the WPA.