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Because indexed annuities did not exist in 1933 and confront purchasers with investments risk that traditional annuities do not, they are not unambiguously covered by Sec.
To date no object detected at any other wavelength has been unambiguously identified with such a source.
The upshot is a third liberation--following those of the slave girl and the two disciples--showing yet another ripple of the expanding Easter gospel: from last week's possibly Greek, definitely female Lydia to the unambiguously gentile and male jailer at Philippi, an official at least in Roman employ if not Roman himself.
67(e)(1) unambiguously exempts only those costs incurred by a trust that could not have been incurred if the property were held by an individual.
Where a customer's VAT number cannot be validated on VIES, the VAT laws in some Member States unambiguously prohibit zero-rating of intra-EU supplies.
In 4 of the 91 Egyptian and 9 of the 70 Nubian samples, a 120-bp fragment of a conserved region of the minicircle molecule of kinetoplastid mitochondrial DNA of the parasite (5,6) could be successfully amplified and, with the first primer pair, unambiguously related to L.
The ECJ backed earlier EU trademark regulator rulings that "the twisted appearance" did not create a shape "sufficiently specific to enable consumers to perceive it unambiguously as an indication of origin".
This makes it possible to unambiguously identify both the pathogen and its toxin-producing potential.
Even on those rare occasions when the cause is unambiguously just, such images represent a blurred, nightmare landscape in which easy patriotism disappears.
The court further stated that because the exclusion is not limited to environmental pollution and unambiguously covers the welding claims, it would not apply the "reasonable expectations" of the policyholder as urged by NEMA.
PDA, CD), this system is said to give researchers the power to unambiguously identify chromatographed compounds in real-time, according to the company.
In the significant number of villages where the BAMWSP data do not unambiguously identify a safe depth, exploratory drilling will be needed (Gelman et al.