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Taymar Pitman, Newcastle Green Party spokesperson, praised the council for making some changes to its new strategy - which she called "embarrassingly unambitious" in January - based on their feedback, but says it still falls short.
Ms Williams added: "The existing target is pathetically unambitious, and as of January there will be no target at all."
Just because the educationalists are unsure how to deal with unambitious pupils is no excuse to lump all pupils together, thereby depriving the children of greater ability of the prospect of a better education.
A fine 88th-minute finish from Eder was enough to secure victory in an otherwise uninspiring game that leaves Sweden on the brink of elimination - although unambitious performances from either side did little to deserve more than the goalless draw that almost unfolded.
I drag my eyes away, read how his teammates helped him with the stretcher, how he was conscious, moving his limbs, speaking, as I was years ago when I fell backward skating some unambitious figures, testing new blades, poorly attached.
- this is an unambitious film whose natural home in on DVD.
The Tory Government in Westminster is seemingly not interested in what happens to the Welsh economy while in Cardiff Bay an unambitious Labour administration has failed miserably to turn around our economy.
The degree of forensic detail to be found in his exhibition at the New Art Gallery, for being inward-and unambitious Walsall, recalls the faintly sinister work of the 1930s organisation Mass Observation, with its obsessive interest in working-class tastes in leisure and home decor.
But will her unambitious students follow her lead and tread the path less taken?
SHAUN OF THE DEAD 9pm, ITV2 An unambitious 29-year-old man trapped in the job from hell and recently dumped decides to get his life back on track.
Anita Smisek's publishing house is an example of patient and, in the best sense of the word, unambitious work directed to the musical communities beyond the specific universe of high-profile professionals.
She called Kate unambitious, uncontroversial and bland, calling her Queen Wag in everything but name, the Daily Star reported.