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Though physically attached to would-be upwardly-mobile Birmingham, the Black Country has a reputation for being inwardlooking and unambitious.
However, some commentators say this measure is unambitious, and think that the supervision of these critical benchmarks should be given to ESMA.
She called Kate unambitious, uncontroversial and bland, calling her Queen Wag in everything but name, the Daily Star reported.
Thus, we discover as much about the details of fitting out the navy's ships and establishing the navy's shore facilities as we find out about the social connectedness of the Tingeys in Washington and Philadelphia and about Thomas Tingey's character--modest, careful, and, above all, unambitious.
A medal range of between 40 and 70 medals means that the target of 48 is fairly unambitious - with somewhere in the mid-50s a probable outcome.
An unambitious, jilted 29-year-old man decides to get his life back on track but has to put his plans on hold when zombies stalk the streets feeding on whoever they come across.
Commenting on a Eurelectric study, EREC President Arthouros Zervos said Eurelectric's projections as to the future of power supply are "insufficient, unambitious and outdated".
Women are still accused of penning unambitious, dull, domestic dramas.
Critics, notably the WWF, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, therefore point to the wholly non-binding and unambitious character of the 2006 directive.
01/03/07, MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, OFFICE OF GREEN ME CAROLINE LUCAS -- Caroline Lucas called for a radical overhaul of the EU's climate change policy after MPs described its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETs) as inefficient, ineffective and unambitious.
Many critics have been disappointed by Piano's deferential extensions, referring to them as unadventurous and unambitious.