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I do not doubt that she had a choice pleasure in exhibiting what she called her self-command, and her firmness, and her strength of mind, and her common sense, and the whole diabolical catalogue of her unamiable qualities, on such an occasion.
My only companions had been unamiable children, and ignorant, wrong-headed girls; from whose fatiguing folly, unbroken solitude was often a relief most earnestly desired and dearly prized.
This unamiable part of her character has been more strongly developed during the past year.
I advanced to meet them & shook hands, the head man asking if my Indian had killed the Deer to which I replied yes & he put on a most unamiable expression.
Because it carries on a public calling, a restaurant is required to serve African-Americans; and it is distinctly unamiable for a baker to refuse to bake a birthday cake for someone because he is gay.
And now I will end this unnecessary subject, by telling you that Death's Jest-Book goes on like the tortoise slow and sure; I think it will be entertaining, very unamiable, and utterly unpopular.
The report concluded: One singular and rather unamiable feature in the conduct of the prisoner is that since the tragical affair he has not expressed the slightest contrition.
No wonder, for Dr Dale was at first seen by critics as "an unamiable sourpuss".
Further down the social and moral scale is that unamiable pair, Summoner and Pardoner, the one grotesque with garland and cake-buckler (pp.
On those--to our eyes, neither unamiable nor unintelligent--features lingers still (not withstanding how he 'catches it' now and then,) that smile, 'which', as our contemporary, as we are told, once said of it, 'might ripen a banana';--not bad that, by the bye,--and every line of the face evinces that power in the artist, of catching and fixing the habitual mood of the mind, as told by the countenance .
he had the utterly strange and unamiable notion that he could hear their beating hearts.
It is always safe to assume that the man of good birth and glib tongue with a couple of textbooks to his credit will be received with unction, where the real scholar who spends five years in testing a doubtful hypothesis is regarded as an unamiable incumbrance.