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unamusing," and so must resist the conclusions to which the Select Committee's anecdotes and single cases lead their readers.
For Wynne and his comrades, Smoky was a source of welcome amusement as they soldiered on through decidedly unamusing situations in New Guinea, the Philippines, Okinawa, and Korea (just after the war).
With the exception of a couple of nice pantomimic moves immediately after having been zapped, Black overdoes it awfully here in an overwhelmingly unamusing performance.
Top of my personal most hated list is the jingle for the Tony Snell programme, done in the style of an American diner menu by a woman with an ear splitting, excruciatingly high-pitched London accent that went on for the best part of an unamusing minute.
So if you are of the school which believes landscape should be earnest, unamusing and responsive to (in the sense of almost imitating) the prevailing ecology, this book represents some of the best of such practice.
In a twist on camera-filled homes and jungles, the Celebrity Detox Camp will see ex-Boyzone Keith Duffy, It-girl Tamara Beckwith, singer-turned-gardener Kim Wilde and the very unamusing TV presenter Richard Blackwood spend a week at a gruelling health spa in Thailand where they'll get the ultimate spring clean.
In practice, what actually happens is a succession of preposterous and unamusing eccentrics troop in and out of the shop, while the canned laughter operator works overtime.
When the reality of living in Scotland is so deeply unamusing, what choice do we have but to be funny?
Then, just to prove he wasn't amused at being called unamusing, he rattled off a dozen gags that had me in stitches.
Of course, for the inarticulate and unamusing the glittering company offered no opportunity whatsoever.