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As a teenager I never listened to mine, so why Peter's quietly spoken unanimated monologues are proving so popular on what is supposed to be a "youth medium" is a real mystery.
Samuel Johnson famously complained of this scene that "narration in dramatic poetry is naturally tedious, as it is unanimated and inactive and obstructs the progress of the action .
The lecture sums up many key facets of Shields's career: her focus on the quotidian; her awareness of the multitude of lost narratives, and the compulsive human hunger for stories; her ambivalent celebration of the liberatory potential in postmodernism, but simultaneous suspicion of its 'synthetic discourse, unanimated by personal concerns' (p.
This might be the moment of an inner comparison in the speaker's mind between one's own possibilities and those of unanimated creatures.
Statistics from China's Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association indicate that five main current synthetic resins suffered price cuts in May due to an unanimated domestic market.
14) Anglican sermons were often unanimated moral discourses.
This unity is not to be recovered but restated in a harmony of opposites, the detente of unanimated mind (science) and disembodied soul (poetry and religion).
1994, Deformation monitoring of upper layer of lithosphere at unanimated nature objects in Sudety Mountains.
In contrast, Pinsky who is Jewish, admittedly takes the cartoon family at face value, placing them firmly into the Judeo-Christian camp, though touching upon other influences in the diverse Springfield community, interviewing the real, live, unanimated writers, he's forced to admit that the two believing Protestants on the staff are a rarity: The vast number of Simpsons writers are former Catholic and Jewish avowed atheists, or at least agnostics, mostly Harvard- or Ivy League-educated.
The children I've made with my forgiving and fine body will grow to peak, plateau, then themselves begin the slow elision to essence: a return to molecules unanimated by the indwelling spirit.
He appeared unanimated but repeatedly jabbed his finger towards the camera to emphasise his point.
The veil of rock remains unanimated by consciousness.