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UNANIMITY. The agreement of all the persons concerned in a thing in design and opinion.
     2. Generally a simple majority (q.v.) of any number of persons is sufficient to do such acts as the whole number can do; for example, a majority of the legislature can pass a law: but there are some cases in which unanimity is required; for example, a traverse jury, composed of twelve individuals, cannot decide an issue submitted to them, unless they are unanimous.

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When you require unanimity from 27 countries, I can tell you it'd be very expensive.
Majid al Ansari, professor of Political Sociology at Qatar University (QU), said, "The GCC statute stipulates that the substantive decisions can be taken only through unanimity and since the freezing of Qatar's GCC membership would come under a substantive decision, it cannot be done without unanimity.
Instead of inhibiting, she voted against Jardeleza to prevent unanimity.
In the Perry case, also decided on October 14, 2016, the Florida Supreme Court addressed the legislative fix and interpreted that unanimity is required.
He said it was the cooperation of PBA that made possible for the government to devise the code of conduct, describing it a 'model' of complete unanimity of all stakeholders.
Summary: The lower house of the parliament approved the 22nd constitutional amendment with unanimity
Both Todt and Ecclestone have fiercely opposed such a change, but the unanimity among the sport's 11 teams has forced them into a embarrassing climbdown.
Both Todt and Ecclestone have been against such a change, but the unanimity among the sport's 11 teams has forced them into a re-think ahead of next week's Chinese Grand Prix.
What matters is to have inter-Lebanese unanimity and the choice of [a president] is by the Lebanese.
WAH CANTT -- Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony Sardar Mohammad Yousaf Monday said that there was a complete unanimity among ulema of different schools of thought on the issue of registration of seminaries.
LONDON, Shawwal 21, 1436, Aug 6, 2015, SPA -- The Bank of England appears to be still far from raising interest rates, after its policymakers showed more unanimity than expected Thursday in keeping the key borrowing rate at a record low, AP reported.
President Rouhani addressed his cabinet on Wednesday, and noted, "There must always exist harmony and unanimity in the government in its general sense and the people as the true owners of the country.