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Cunningham's Wellington ABC team-mate Peter Martin stayed loose to jab off tattooed southpaw Reece Fields for a wide unanimous middleweight win.
Juniors: L George (Highfields) beat J Petre (Barry Westend) RSC 1st round, K O'Connor (Ferndale) beat L Howells (Rhoose) unanimous points, T Evans (Maesteg) beat R Chappell (Highfields) unanimous points Seniors: S Hanniford (Maesteg) beat D Phillips (Llantwit Major) unanimous points, L Hughes (Barry Eastend) beat S Hooper (Highfields) RSC 1st round, D Mills (Splott Adventure) beat T Lloyd (Barry Eastend) majority points, G Sherwood (Maesteg) beat MMiah (Cardiff YMCA) unanimous points, R Canning (Barry Eastend) beat S Riva (Cardiff YMCA) majority points.
Kane Auer won the Best Boxer trophy at the Empire show in Ashington, scoring his seventh win from eight on unanimous points against Empire's 20-bouter Sam Turnbull.
Results: Schoolboys: K Daley (Highfields) beat J White (Maesteg) unanimous points, J Mount Stephens (Ely Star) beat C Grainger (Highfields) unanimous points.
And the Best Wellington Senior Boxer trophy went to lightweight Tom McGirr for his unanimous decision victory over West Durham's Jake Jarrett.
Schoolboys: T Connors (Splott Adventure) beat J Viscount (Colcot) RSC first round, C Linstead (Chepstow) beat J Williams (Kyber Colts) retired first round, D Dyer (Penarth) beat R Williams (Aberystwyth) unanimous points, C Hopkins (Porthcawl/Pyle) beat L Parfitt (Aberaman) unanimous points, D Massey (Aberystwyth) beat D Richards (Penarth) RSC second round
Collins, whose older brother Tom was a regular championship winner in his time at the club, won for the first time when he out-hustled Empire's Jason Batch for a unanimous decision.
And Lewis McKenna, who made his debut at the venue in November 2007, celebrated another unanimous victory over Horden's J Downing.
Pring used the ring to effect in the third but failed to get on terms for a unanimous points loss.