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The council members voted unanimously to elect Hashemi after Morteza Alviri and Ahmad Masjed-Jamei dropped out of the race.
The AGM also unanimously adopted a resolution for recommending Pride of Performance Award for the services rendered by Najam Sethi for successful organisation of Pakistan Super League,' said a spokesman for the PCB.
He held that office of NA speaker is office of neutrality and equality, therefore, all opposition parties should elect Ayyaz Sadiq for the office of speaker unanimously.
Angok Achuol, a state lawmaker, said the assembly leadership was dissolved after his counterparts unanimously supported the decision.
During that session, the resolution urging the Sri Lankan President regarding the appointment of a new Governor was unanimously adopted.
In a related action, the Board of Governors unanimously approved a 25-basis-point increase in the discount rate, to 4 3/4 percent.
Supreme Court ruled unanimously that providers of file-sharing software and networks could be held responsible for their users' unauthorized exchange of copyrighted materials.
A federal jury unanimously found in favor of CoStar Group, Inc.
Furthermore, the eight associate justices of the Alabama Supreme Court unanimously ordered compliance with the federal court decision.
The city council on July 21 unanimously voted to add protections for sexual orientation to the city human rights ordinance.
17, 2001, a hearing panel of the SEC Practice Section Executive Committee concluded unanimously that the firm of Harold Y.
ONTC spokeswoman Judy Cardoni said the report, although unanimously endorsed by the commission's board of directors, was not a product of Ontario Northland.