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Unanswerable questions compel speculation on what is not in order to make it possible to think so.
It left thousands of pupils stumped by an unanswerable question about Shakespeare's play.
"He already has the ability to answer seemingly unanswerable questions in the realm of physics, but maybe we could show him how the delivery industry - and Father Christmas, of course - manages to transcend time and space to get our presents to us on time."
The second part, personal ethics, is an unanswerable question with no one being right or wrong and is as personal as our own DNA.
Sheila McMullin scores the flesh of her observations and sears them with ponderous, mostly unanswerable questions about pain and anger, consequences, finality.
The reader is directed to 'Think about' many awkward, even unanswerable questions.
Whether the US could have maintained control of the weapons in the event of a protracted civil conflict in Turkey is an unanswerable question, the report says.
This issue can be summarized in a simple image, or phrased in a single question-a nagging, even unanswerable question.
Wracked by guilt after discovering that she killed her mother, Grace is consumed by unanswerable questions.
But these questions are unanswerable and it is with certainty that I make my case: their inability to be resolved is the source of the drive, the anger and fury which, united, form the crazed control exhibited on these pages.
"We entered the first year of public health exchanges like others in our industry--with many unanswerable questions," said Michael Showalter, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Prime.
Your UBTech keynote is titled "How innovation is unleashed by asking unanswerable questions."